Individual Writing Instruction

Tom works with attorneys who seek personal instruction to improve their written analysis, including working with firms and corporations who want to give their associates or in-house counsel additional writing support. Tom has critiqued well over 5,000 individual pieces of written analysis. His teaching methods and written criticism have improved hundreds, if not thousands, of students’ and attorneys’ writing skills.

Tom offers process-oriented frameworks to help attorneys approach each stage of the writing process, including pre-writing, first drafts, and editing. He also critiques attorneys’ actual work product, highlighting specific errors and identifying consistent problematic areas in their writing. These critiques are not merely line edits, as line edits merely demonstrate how attorneys could have improved their previous work, rather than help them improve their future work.

Instead, Tom’s constructive critiques do the following for each problem area in attorneys’ memoranda:

  • Concretely and specifically identifies the problem area

  • Discusses why the problem undermines the strength of their written analysis

  • Provides a process-oriented approach to avoiding the problem in their future work

Without these problem-solving critiques, attorneys’ later work will suffer from similar mistakes. Instead, armed with Tom’s self-editing tools, attorneys can approach their future work more confidently and competently.

Tom is personable, patient, and kind. His teaching methods and feedback are principled and constructive. He shares his clients’ goals: improving their writing process and written analysis. He works collaboratively toward those goals.

Tom maintains the strictest confidentiality of attorneys’ memoranda; he will happily work under a non-disclosure agreement.

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