Tom Holm’s Rutter Group MCLE Program on Writing Compelling Introductions and Statements of Facts Is Now Available Online!

Thomas Holm MCLE: Convincing the Court

Summary of MCLE Program

I recently presented a live MCLE legal writing program for the Rutter Group: Convincing the Court: Writing Compelling Introductions and Statements of Facts. This program is now available online. The Rutter Group describes the program, in part, as follows:

“This immersive program on writing persuasive introductions and statements of facts will help you convince your judge to grant the relief you request before she even reads your discussion section. Through lecture, hypotheticals, and detailed examples, this program teaches strategies and techniques that can be applied in all types of persuasive memoranda. You will learn not only what to do, but how to do it.

The program offers a short refresher on writing clear, concise sentences in plain English as a foundation for an advanced discussion on how to write a potent introduction and statement of facts. You will learn how to develop convincing themes and write trenchant arguments that immediately convince the court to grant your request for relief. You will also learn how to give the court a complete, favorable factual foundation that best supports the arguments in your discussion section.”

Please see the Rutter Group’s complete program description for further details.

Tom introduces his segment on writing persuasive statements of facts

Program Evaluations

The live program was well-received and fostered several interesting discussions. Below are a few representative comments from the evaluations, which were provided anonymously.

  • “You obviously care a great deal about being a good teacher, and it shows.”
  • “Excellent program. I think it would be helpful to practitioners at any level of experience.”
  • “Speaker was excellent and engaging.”
  • “Concrete examples were good. Summaries of techniques also helpful.”
  • “Mr. Holm speaks clearly and his examples are excellent!”
  • “Very entertaining and informative, especially considering the subject matter.”
  • “Excellent course!”

Note of Appreciation

My love affair with the Rutter Group has lasted a quarter of a century. The Rutter Group’s secondary sources are consistently superior to all the others I have used—that’s quite a wide range, as my practice included commercial litigation, bank regulatory work, and SEC compliance issues. And I taught legal research for 19 years, which required me to review many secondary sources as I developed materials for my research sessions and writing assignments.

The Rutter Group brings similar professionalism to its MCLE programs. It’s a great company to work with. I’d like to thank Juan Orrego, Micky Markus, Marci Sohan, Peter Hall, Ron Marks, and everyone else who made it a joy to work on this program and helped it go so smoothly. I’m looking forward to working with the Rutter Group on future writing programs.

The Pitch

I help make attorneys better writers. My legal writing programs teach concrete strategies and techniques pertinent to all aspects of written analysis. All my programs include excellent teaching materials, writing samples, and handouts that attendees can rely on in their future work. And my teaching methods ensure that attendees will not only value and enjoy my programs, but will apply and retain what they’ve learned.

I also offer individual writing instruction to attorneys who wish to improve their written advocacy, including attorneys whose employers wish to give extra writing support. In addition to offering process-oriented frameworks to help attorneys at each stage of their writing process, I critique attorneys’ actual memoranda to provide self-editing tools that allow them to approach their future work more effectively.

Join the attorneys whose writing has been enhanced by my instruction. Contact me to get started!

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